Okay, you’re interested enough in Abtel to look at this page and we would love to work with you so… let’s see what other information we can provide you with to help you decide what your next step should be.

Pilot campaigns:            Image of SAMPLE stamp

We won’t ask you to tie your organisation into a long term marketing campaign without knowing the benefits and ROI. Instead, we suggest a pilot campaign where, after an agreed, fixed cost volume of work, your campaign will be thoroughly evaluated – by you and by us, and a longer term partnership can be considered.

Conversion rates:        Image of empty and full fuel guages

Some telemarketing organisations make very tempting (some may even say astonishing) claims regarding conversion rates. The simple truth is that your business sector, target market, proposition etc, all affect your conversion rates. At Abtel, we won’t make unjustified claims to tempt you through our door! Instead, we’ll simply refer back to the pilot campaign above and promise that if we can’t convert it, nobody can!

Quality:                          Image of green tick inside a gold square

The single biggest factor affecting your campaign is quality. Quality of data, quality of proposition, quality of training, quality of approach, quality of response and quality of telemarketing. Get all these right and your campaign will be off to a flying start!

Data:                         Image of laptop downloading data from globe

All the data we source is purchased specifically for your campaign and will be presented to you at the conclusion of your campaign. We can of course provide a “top up” facility, combining your own data with new data. Both these data sources can be identified separately within your campaign, allowing you to track performance of each data source.

Timescales:                  Image of clock floating in air

We’ll work with you to complete your campaign to agreed timescales but we’re flexible too! If we’re getting your team inundated with sales appointments, let us know and we’ll reduce the throughput of calls made and consequently, the number of appointments will reduce.  If you have additional sales executives available, let us know and we’ll provide additional resource to your campaign to increase the appointment throughput. You’re in control.

Costs:                             Image of pound sign

We'll invoice you for work completed at the end of each month until your campaign is concluded. The only “up-front” cost is a commissioning fee to allow us to source data, build your bespoke database (the interface on our IT system that “drives” your whole campaign) and train the agents working on your campaign.

Commission only:         Image of percentage sign

Sounds great doesn’t it?  No matter how many calls are made and no matter how many hours work is involved, you’ll only pay when you get a sales appointment! But let’s look a little closer.

Telemarketing companies operating on a commission only basis may well be pre-disposed to provide you with appointments that are unlikely to ever convert into a sale. They only get paid for providing you with appointments – they won’t care if you convert it or not. You end up out of pocket twice – once paying for a “dud” appointment and twice for spending time chasing a sale that’s unlikely to convert!

We provide our clients with pre-qualified sales appointments with a much higher likelihood of conversion. Our telemarketers won’t send you “dud” sales appointments because their primary focus is on the quality of the appointment – as well as the quantity. We also believe that this approach is the main reason why our clients keep coming back to us.

Commission only campaigns - We don’t do them!

What now?                   Image of red dice with question marks on each face  

So… you’ve got to here and you like what you’ve read so far – so what next?

Three options. Contact us via our inquiry form, email our business development manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on the number below. Better still come visit us for a coffee and a look around.

Abtel's telemarketing services can assist you grow your business

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It's Focussed

Every campaign is designed to maximise return for our clients. Only when our team is conversant with your proposition and your marketplace will we begin your campaign.



It’s Specific

All campaigns are built around the exact needs of our clients, whether its client retention, event attendance, order processing, data capture or a multitude of other services



It’s Intelligent

Our highly trained and motivated team will approach your marketplace in a professional and intelligent manner, nurturing and developing qualified opportunities for your organisation



It’s Measurable

Combining our bespoke software systems with a real drive to exceed expectation, every point of contact is recorded, every task actioned and every opportunity maximised


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