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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


Abtel support the targeted professional use of the telephone to engage with customers and overcome many familiar sales and marketing challenges.

  • Why send information to companies who would have no requirement for your product?
  • How often have you been told that your information didn’t reach the key decision maker?
  • And just what did they say about calling them back in a few months?

Telemarketing is the gathering, recording and interpretation of up-to-date, relevant knowledge – and knowledge is power!


Of course! If your team has the correct training, experience, motivation, management, resource and infrastructure.

However, our clients choose Abtel as a telemarketing partner because they know they can tap into our expertise as and when required. This frees internal personnel to focus on core business, while all the “other stuff” is being taken care of.

You can relax in the knowledge that our support helps your organisation be more effective, more efficient and, ultimately, more successful.

Many of our clients choose Abtel even when they have not considered the possibility of outsourcing to a marketing resource before.

Our clients are often high profile organisations who invest heavily in their corporate image and rely upon us to maintain continuity of that image. They trust us to engage with their prospective – and existing clients, in a manner that is at least as effective as if they were making the call themselves.

Our approach, by its very nature, is creative, flexible and responsive. We constantly strive to add value to each and every business relationship and to provide pre-campaign service level agreements and post campaign data analysis and evaluation.
High-calibre organisations require a high-calibre marketing partner – regardless of size!

Cost savings from outsourcing are directly related to both efficiency and expertise.

First the efficiency factor: companies who partner with Abtel have instant infrastructure for growth, plus a complete range of integrated technologies. Our clients avoid making costly infrastructure and integration investments, while those companies who in-source their marketing must absorb all these technology and integration costs themselves.

Think of it this way: you want to start a business selling a widget MKIII. You have a fantastic product and want to launch it to the world. Problem: you don’t necessarily want to build a contact centre, hire dozens of employees, invest thousands of pounds in support technologies and thousands more implementing and integrating them - you just want to sell the widgets! That’s where outsourcing provides a cost (and convenience) advantage

Partnering with Abtel enables you to have everything you need – integrated infrastructure, specialist personnel and technologies – without the hassle or financial investment; not to mention that your core competency is building great widgets, not necessarily delivering the services to support your sales proposition.

Which brings us to expertise: because Abtel is focused on Marketing as a concept, we have developed cost-effective techniques, technologies and infrastructure to support our services.

Customer care and Marketing support have been our core competencies since 1994.

One of the more familiar statements we hear is: “We’re good at what we do, and our product is great, but our problem is getting in front of the right people at the right time.”

If your sales team spend a substantial amount of their time trying to organise appointments, they won’t be spending time doing what they do best – selling your product!

Abtel can provide a pipeline of confirmed sales appointments, which comply with your own qualification criteria on business type, size, location and turnover. In short it's “horses for courses” – we have the knowledge, facilities, resources, personnel and discipline to ensure maximum results for your organisation.


The message we take to or the data we gather from the marketplace varies greatly from project to project and this has given us a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge to be at ease with communicating on relatively technical or specialist subjects.

We place great importance on getting to know your organisation long before we pick up the telephone. We'll know exactly what you want from your campaign, who your likely target will be, what questions are likely to be asked, how to overcome possible objections to your proposition, and what the benefits are.

Only when our specialist team are totally comfortable with your objectives for the campaign will we start making calls on your behalf.

All Abtel telemarketing campaigns go through seven distinct phases, as explained below.


Agree upon the main objectives of the campaign with Client. Examine existing marketing procedures and consider areas where support and assistance may be required. Discuss various telemarketing scenarios designed to highlight opportunity for business development.


Assess which service(s) will provide maximum benefit and agree on size and structure of any campaign under consideration.


Submit a customised strategy based on information provided during the investigative and consultative stages. Ensure all requirements are accommodated, ensuring primary and any secondary objectives will be met through technical and creative processes in a cost effective manner.


Agree on targets, structure and methodology of campaign. Include Client and telemarketing team in consolidation brief and implement agreed improvements to the campaign model.


Telemarketing team engage with target prospects using an established tactical approach designed to achieve the agreed objectives. Information to support future marketing strategies will be recorded and future opportunities will be identified along with dates and reasons for contact.


Post-campaign briefing between management team and telemarketing team to examine and interrogate data, establish to what degree objectives were met and evaluate the success of the campaign.


Handover of campaign report and statistics to client. This will include observations made throughout the campaign by the telemarketing team and any recommendations for future telemarketing activity. All data sourced, augmented or updated will be handed over to the Client.

Though separate entities, each of these phases, when integrated with our specialist skills, ensures a successful campaign strategy designed around our client's needs.

Abtel use scripts, purely as a call structure.

We have all been victims of the heavily scripted sales call, where there appears to be an automaton at the other end of the line.

Abtel will engage with people in your market place, from Chief Executive to Manager, Director to receptionist, in an intelligent, conversational manner, using the right blend of techniques to gain qualitative, quantitative information, converting buying decisions in your favour as we go.

There’s no such thing as too big or too small!

Abtel have developed a successful business development campaign for a very small, luxury chocolates manufacturer based in Scotland.

At the other end of the scale, a global electronics corporation based in Scandinavia has continued its partnership with Abtel for the past five years in order to support its field sales team.



Contact us on 0800 591 273


It's Focussed

Every campaign is designed to maximise return for our clients. Only when our team is conversant with your proposition and your marketplace will we begin your campaign.



It’s Specific

All campaigns are built around the exact needs of our clients, whether its client retention, event attendance, order processing, data capture or a multitude of other services



It’s Intelligent

Our highly trained and motivated team will approach your marketplace in a professional and intelligent manner, nurturing and developing qualified opportunities for your organisation



It’s Measurable

Combining our bespoke software systems with a real drive to exceed expectation, every point of contact is recorded, every task actioned and every opportunity maximised


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